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Audi Car Repair Specialists in Indianapolis, IN

German car manufacturer Audi is well known for its innovations in technology and style, from their luxurious interiors to the trademarked Quattro all-wheel-drive performance. At Pete's Service Center in Indianapolis, IN, we specialize in providing experienced and knowledgeable repairs and maintenance services for Audi owners. Our ASE-certified mechanics offer worry-free bumper-to-bumper services to keep your Audi running smooth.

rear of audi

We Know Our Way Around Your Audi

With so many different makes, models, and years of vehicles out there on the road, it’s more important than ever to bring your investment to a team of qualified technicians who will work on your Audi the way this German carmaker intended. Using the right OEM or aftermarket parts, the proper fluids for the engine’s specifications, and the auto manufacturer’s recommended tires for your car, are steps we guarantee will be taken when you bring your vehicle to us for service. We specialize in European cars and know exactly what parts and services your Audi requires. We offer service and repairs for:

  • Timing chains and water pumps
  • Brake repairs
  • Thermostats
  • Valve covers
  • Oil leaks
  • Transmission repairs
  • 30/60/90k mile maintenance checks
white audi

Preventative Maintenance and Service

Whether this is your first Audi or you’ve had various models over the years, you should be aware of the preventative maintenance and servicing specific to the Audi brand. If you’re new to owning an Audi, we can help educate you on the various services and checks recommended by Audi. Our job is to ensure your car gets the service it needs, and we can do that with helpful reminders.

  • Diagnostics and brake system maintenance
  • Audi engine management
  • Body electronics
  • Four-wheel alignment
  • Mileage interval oil changes
  • Performance tuning with Revo Technik Tuning Software

Taking Care of Audi Owners Mile After Mile

Audi owners in Indianapolis, IN know they can trust the ASE-certified technicians at Pete's Service Center for top-of-the-line services to keep their engines humming and wheels on the road. We have a deep affection for European cars, which is why we specialize in these unique vehicles. We’re proud to provide the care and service they need to keep their reputation as reliable, luxury vehicles. Contact us to schedule your Audi service appointment today.

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