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The Perfect Alternative to Home Storage
For Your Most Treasured Automotive Possessions

With high security and climate controlled environment. Now you can see your car and motor cycle 24 hours from anywhere in the world with our online app.

We all know the frustration of trying to start our vehicle the first nice day of spring. After winter elements and storing of the vehicle have done their worse, rendering the vehicle unusable.

With our service, your vehicle is always ready when you are! To schedule an appointment, call 317-283-7555 or contact us via the web form on this website.

classic car storage

$275 Per Month

Storage Services Provided:

  • Battery Tender Installed and Maintained.
  • Access to the Car and the Club Room.
  • High Security and Private Storage Area.
  • Climate Controlled Environment.
  • 3 Master Technician That Car Service and Maintenance Your Classic Car.
  • Video Camera to See Your From Anywhere in the World.

Premier Classic Care Storage & Restoration Facility in Indianapolis