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Keep your family safe by making sure that your tires are in proper working order. Keeping them inflated to the right level can help ensure that your tires maintain proper balance. If you notice that you have no tread left on your tires, it is also time for a new set. Letting your tires go too long without being replaced can cause alignment issues, which can cause major problems down the road.

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At Pete’s Service Center, you can find many services available for your tires. Installing new tires, balancing them, or even just checking them for you to make sure that they are in good condition are all things that we are happy to do for you. Wheel alignment is often something that the manufacturer of your vehicle will recommend often, in order to keep everything in good, proper, working order.

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Properly aligned tires that are rotated and inflated properly can also help to save you money on gas! This is a big deal for most people. In order to keep everything functioning smoothly, we’d love to give you a few tips. Make sure to get your tires rotated regularly, keep them properly inflated, and check for signs of the tires being uneven often. If we can be of assistance, please come in and see us anytime!

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