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Preventative Maintenance in Indianapolis & Indiana

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Oil Changes -

Includes High Quality Manufacturer approved Synthetic Oil, Oil Filter, Lubrication of Doors and Hinges.

We offer a Courtesy Check up, We service gas and Diesel vehicles


Filters -

We replace Cabin Filter (needs to be changed every 15,000 miles), Air Filter

(change about ever 2 oil changes).


Fuel System Service:

BG Fuel/Air Induction System Service: Increase Fuel Economy, Restore horse power, Smoother idling, Reduce emissions, recommended every 15,000 miles. Clean Fuel Injectors; Clean Throttle Body, Plenum and Air Intake; Remove baked on Carbon from valves, ports, pistons, crowns and combustion chambers; clean deposits clogging the catalytic converter.  


Timing Belt Replacement -  

Essential for the life of the vehicle, this is a critical service. Often water pump and tensioners our addressed upon a timing belt service. We also service timing chain vehicles. Some cars require service at 60k,100k or 120k. We can assist you in understanding what your manufacturer recommends.


Porche Maintenance -

Pete's Exclusive Porche Maintenance: We cut open your old filter and inspect for metal shaving and oil consistency. We drain oil and remove lower oil pan and inspect for metal shavings that can come from Intermediate Shaft Bearing. We also install a Magnetic Drain Plug to collect  any metal shavings that could be floating in the motor protecting your vehicle motor, We use a factory-approved filter. We use state of the art Motul Oil, a specially formulated German oil designed for high end German automobiles to increase life of the engine.  


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